Exercise and Anxiety

Exercise really helps my anxiety.  It also adds to my anxiety.

Fun hey?

I never really want to exercise, but I manage to go at least four times a week.  It gives me clarity and makes me feel more in control of my figure.  Thats also the part that adds to my anxiety, I feel like I have to do it or I was suddenly balloon and look very Aunt Marge in Harry Potter.  

I do find though when my brain is addled with anxiety and stress, it eases within a few minutes of exercising.  Its one of the strongest therapies I have ever found, and the only one thats an almost guaranteed aid.  The only problem is the vicious circle of desperately not wanting to exercise whilst feeling low and useless!

My Weekly Exercise

I try and run a minimum of three times a week, at the moment this is outdoor running on the opportune dry days of spring.  I either choose between Fartlek training or HIIT and trying to improve my speeds over distance.  As I said previously I ran 10K last year but tend to do a quick 5K and improve my speed

I also then do at least one day of freeweight training, and have recently started Pole Fit! Pole Fit is exactly what you don’t think it is, its so much fun and completely unsexy!! But its also an incredible strength workout 🙂

So thats my standard week, i’ll check back every so often to share my highs and lows of my battle with weight, food and exercise

Speak Soon

Anxious Blonde



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